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Oxus Holding is dedicated to conserve wildlife species in protected areas through sustainable use and ecological tourism. Great emphasis has been made on local communities – whether it is state nature parks, wildlife sanctuaries, local NGOs or small family-owned enterprises. The participation and support of all communities is essential for the effective management and conservation of wildlife resources. Being involved in conservation, refraining from poaching, local community representatives help in the fight against poaching, joint decision making on land use, grazing, and thereby reduce competition and disturbances in the landscape, as well as prevent and mitigate conflicts between people and wildlife. Revenues from sustainable use of wildlife resources are invested in monitoring and conservation projects aimed at improving habitats and conserving wildlife in the long-term. Tourism revenues are also important in supporting the economy of protected areas.


Oxus Holding and its partners are involved in the conservation of the entire ecosystem and its biodiversity, including predators such as the snow leopard, and the development of the local communities in such way that it is sustainable and does not harm to wildlife. Oxus Holding promotes conservation and sustainable use of various species of wildlife living in Tajikistan – Asiatic Ibex, argali Marco Polo, Bukhara urial, Tajik markhor and wild boar, and also develops ecological tourism with the possibility of observing wildlife such as snow leopard, brown bear and many other species in their natural habitats. Providing support to the managers of nature reserves, national parks, hunting concessions in the conservation and sustainable use of wildlife, pastures, forests, mountains and other natural resources. Providing advice to non-governmental organizations, small family enterprises and local communities on management and institutional issues on how best to invest hunting revenues in projects aimed at improving the livelihoods of local communities and preserve wildlife and wildland.

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