Hunting Offers

Sustainable hunting is an important part of the conservation approach of Oxus Holding. Hunting in itself is not a conservation of wildlife but is an important conservation tool. Sustainable hunting should bring social, economic and ecological benefits. Sustainable hunting tourism can be considered as a form of ecotourism, causing the least impact on the environment. Hunting revenues allow Government, private and community management units finance conservation programs. Hunting tourism has numerous advantages: conservation of ecosystems, economical and sustainable use of habitats, less harmful impact on the environment than with other forms of use and tourism, reduction of poaching, thanks to the joint efforts of all parties interested in benefiting from hunting tourism.

Criteria of sustainability are the knowledge about the status of the population, abundance, reproduction rates, mortality, population structure, social structure, behavior, epizootic conditions, habitats, genetic variation, preservation of evolutionary potential, management approaches and monitoring methods, as well as social, cultural, ethical and economical aspects and involvement of local communities.

Oxus Holding supports hunting programs focused on local communities, in which revenues generated through hunting are reinvested to local wildlife conservation programs.

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Tourism Offers

Oxus Holding promotes only the ecotourism as it is the only type of tourism aimed at preserving the main resource – the natural environment and its components (natural monuments, certain species of animals or plants). When the local communities are involved in the ecotourism, they also become interested in the sustainable use of these resources and conserve it.

Ecotourism is a responsible attitude towards the environment, to undisturbed natural territories with the aim of exploring and enjoying wildlife, its habitants and cultural attractions. This type of tourism contributes to the protection of nature, has a minimal negative impact on the environment, ensures the active socio-economic participation of local communities and their benefits from this activity.

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